"The acquisition of HedgeTech comes as a natural step in the steady growth of AcheronTrading."

Acheron Trading Acquired HedgeTech

Dec 3, 2022

AcheronTrading is excited to announce the acquisition of HedgeTech LLC

Founded in 2018, HedgeTech became a leading technology provider for issuers, exchanges, and market-makers. HedgeTech has the best exchange integrations, and scalable server infrastructure, without downtime and under the highest cybersecurity standards. Its trading algorithms are stable and secure, created for liquidity provision, arbitrage, and agency execution.

The acquisition of HedgeTech comes as a natural step in the steady growth of AcheronTrading. By acquiring the resources, expertise, and innovation of HedgeTech, AcheronTrading is working towards its goal of creating global adoption of digital assets. Through their vertical integration, the two companies can fulfill their mission to build the financial markets of tomorrow.

HedgeTech products will be integrated seamlessly, without disruption, into the high-quality services provided by AcheronTrading.

“With the acquisition, we gain not only a valuable technology platform but also an incredible team with a shared, long-term vision for building digital asset liquidity.” – Wesley Pryor, CEO of AcheronTrading

“We are proud to support Acheron on this important strategic milestone that accelerates their growth and strengthens the industry.” – Tony Scuderi, CEO of Imperii Partners

The financial details of the transaction remain undisclosed.

About AcheronTrading

Acheron is a well-established market-maker specializing in providing liquidity services for digital assets worldwide, from their most embryonic stages of development and throughout their adoption cycle. AcheronTrading has a hands-on approach, ensuring a deep understanding of each project’s token economics and technical construction. With a 24/7 client support team, AcheronTrading offers continuous high liquidity while maintaining efficient capital requirements.  Acheron’s services are not available in the Republic of Singapore. https://acherontrading.com