Client spotlight: Acheron Trading - Leaders in crypto market making

Spotlight on Acheron Trading: Leaders in Crypto Market Making

Jan 26, 2024

In the fast-moving world of crypto, it pays to have strategic partners guiding you. At Imperii Partners, our team brings decades of institutional expertise and blockchain industry knowledge to help clients navigate this complex landscape.

As a crypto investment bank, we deliver optimal outcomes with M&A advisory, strategic capital raising, partnerships, and financial advice. We pride ourselves on forging long-term partnerships and connecting our clients to resources that can accelerate their success.

One of our long-standing clients is Acheron Trading, a leader in crypto market making. Founded in 2018, Acheron has quickly established itself as a trusted liquidity provider for many of the largest crypto exchanges and layer 1 / layer 2 protocols. The team brings decades of combined experience in traditional finance, leveraging sophisticated strategies to create tight spreads and deep liquidity.

In a recent case study, Acheron provided valuable insights into pre-market order book structuring for new token listings. Using the example of Chainflip’s IDO, they demonstrated how thoughtful order book construction can mitigate volatility and promote healthy price discovery.

For new token launches, volatility often emerges early on due to limited liquidity. To mitigate this, Acheron deliberately structured the order book ahead of time across a range of prices and trade sizes. As they explained, “We built buy and sell orders between $1.00 and $1.60 rather than allowing a few large orders to dominate.”

This balanced distribution of liquidity reduced the risk of large slippage in either direction once trading commenced. Despite heavy volume initially, the market found equilibrium rapidly within a relatively tight price band.

Acheron also monitored the market in real-time and adjusted their orders to maintain stability as volumes declined. Their hands-on approach ensured an orderly launch and reduced volatile price swings.

Providing hands-on support like this for clients’ most critical events is central to Acheron’s business. The firm works closely with partners to deeply understand their needs and constraints. This enables Acheron to customize optimal solutions rather than taking a one-size-fits-all approach.

At Imperii Partners, we value working with partners like Acheron who are true experts in their domain. As crypto markets continue to evolve, reliable and experienced market makers are essential to maintaining healthy, efficient markets. We’re proud to work with the leaders at Acheron, and look forward to their continued success and innovation.

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